Melville's Sunday School

Nursery supervision and Sunday School classes are available when needed. Melville United Church Sunday School eagerly welcome new students and visitors. We attend church for about 10 minutes, staying to hear the minister’s children’s story, before leaving for the Sunday School rooms.

Our Sunday School uses a curriculum called Whole People of God for small Sunday Schools. The curriculum follows the United Church Lectionary. Lessons in Sunday School will be on the same topic as the Sermon and Bible Readings in church that day.

Regular Events Include:

Last Sunday in June -- Sunday School and Congregational BBQ.

July & August -- There is no Sunday school, however a nursery is available on request.

Second Sunday in September -- Start of Sunday School celebration - Bring a friend and come to our first day of Sunday school.

Second Sunday in December -- Sunday School Play/Presentation - White Gift Sunday.

These Dates may vary - so please give us a call to confirm.